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Email 1

SL: 🎤📚 How I Swapped Med Books for Mic Checks


Hey friend!

Ali here. Imagine this: a younger me, tucked away in a tiny dorm room at Cambridge, medical textbooks stacked high, dreaming not just of stethoscopes but of storyboards and subscribers. Yes, my initial “studio” was as glamorous as a cupboard under the stairs, and my first audience? Probably just my mum (Hi, Mum!).

But fast forward through countless hours of talking to a camera (and yes, it feels weird at the beginning), editing until my eyes glazed over, and navigating the maze that is YouTube’s algorithm, and here we are. My little channel that could, did. And now, I’m on a mission to help you do the same.

The real talk? My journey from med student to YouTube maestro wasn’t powered by viral hits or magic beans. It was all about consistency. I was the tortoise, not the hare, in this internet race, churning out content while juggling scalpel and script.

So, if you’re sitting there thinking, “Ali, how do I even start?” I’ve got you. My Part-Time YouTuber Accelerator is basically me, handing over my blueprint to you on a silver platter (metaphorically speaking, of course). It’s for us – the dreamers who also happen to have day jobs, classes, or even a whole other career.

🚀 Ready to turn your passion into posts? Join the Part-Time YouTuber Accelerator. It’s your one-way ticket to learning the ropes, from A to Z, without the burnout.

Let’s make your YouTube dreams a reality, together

Can’t wait to see you in there, where we’ll turn your “one day” into day one.



P.S. Remember, every YouTuber you admire started with zero subscribers. Yep, even me. So, if you’re wondering whether you should take the plunge – it’s a loud, resounding yes from me. Let’s create, laugh, and maybe even become a bit famous together (no promises on the last one, but I’ll be rooting for you!).

Email 2

SL: ⏳🎥 Who Said You Need a Time-Turner to Be a YouTuber?


Hey future YouTube stars,

Alright, I get it. You’re looking at your calendar, then back at me, then back to your calendar, and you’re thinking, “Ali, are you for real? How am I supposed to squeeze YouTube into my already jam-packed life?” I’ve been there, staring down my med school timetable, wondering if I could invent a 25th hour in the day.

Time Magic, Minus the Hogwarts Degree

Here’s a little secret: becoming a part-time YouTuber doesn’t require bending the laws of physics or owning a magical timepiece (though, how cool would that be?). It’s about being a bit of a time wizard, conjuring up moments you didn’t know you had, and turning them into pure gold—or, at least, into content that doesn’t suck.

Snackable Sessions for the Chronically Busy

Think of the Part-Time YouTuber Accelerator like your favorite snack – easy to consume on the go and surprisingly satisfying. Whether you’re devouring episodes while in your PJs or discreetly during a meeting (I won’t tell if you don’t), this program is made to adapt to your lifestyle. It’s your Netflix, but with actual life benefits, and where binge-watching makes you a hero, not a couch potato.

The Chronicles of Time

Look, I’ve navigated the treacherous waters of med school while keeping my YouTube ship afloat. I’ve mastered the art of making the most out of coffee breaks, bus rides, and yes, even those odd minutes waiting for the kettle to boil. It’s about being creative with the time you have, not wishing for more.

Time to Level Up?

🚀 If you’re ready to turn “if only I had the time” into “heck yes, I made this happen,” it’s time (pun absolutely intended) to dive into the Part-Time YouTuber Accelerator.

Let’s Make Magic Happen Together!

Eagerly awaiting our time-travel adventures,


P.S. Still thinking you need a time-turner? Let’s chat. I’ve got more time-management spells up my sleeve than Dumbledore. Plus, I’m always here for a good old motivational pep talk or to lend an ear. Let’s do this, together.

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