Exclusive Email Samples for Empire Builders

Email 1

SL: Stuck at a Revenue Plateau? Let’s Scale it Like a Pro!


Hey [First Name],

You know that annoying revenue plateau that’s been staring you down? Let’s kick it to the curb together. You’re not meant to just meet goals; you’re meant to smash them and create new, loftier ones.

That’s why I built Empire Builders—because people like us don’t like to sit still for too long. We thrive on change and growth. And let’s be honest, hitting those same old numbers month after month? It’s like Groundhog Day, but without Bill Murray to crack us up.

Here’s the game plan with Empire Builders:

  • Custom-Fit Strategies: This isn’t your grandma’s one-size-fits-all business advice. We’re talking about laser-focused strategies that fit your business like a glove.
  • A League of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs: Imagine being surrounded by a squad of business owners all gunning for that 7-figure mark. Inspiring, right?

Ready to bust through that plateau with a sledgehammer (or, you know, proven business strategies)?

Click here to schedule your strategy call. It’s complimentary, like those fancy chocolates on hotel pillows.

Can’t wait to watch you soar,


PS: Need a little proof that this works? Check out Jessica Ginsburg’s $175K launch. She’s not just climbing the ladder; she’s moving mountains. Watch her story here.

Email 2

SL: Growth Got You Grasping for Air? Let’s Ease That Grip.


Dear [First Name],

Feeling like every new level of success brings a bigger mountain of tasks? You’re not building a business to scale Mount Everest every day, are you? If your growth strategy feels more like a stress strategy, I’ve got some news: There’s a better way.

Here’s the deal—scaling your empire shouldn’t mean sacrificing your sanity. I designed the Empire Builders program to turn that overwhelming growth spurt into a growth surge that actually feels manageable—dare I say, enjoyable?

Why just ride the wave when you can surf it? Here’s how we smooth out those gnarly bumps:

  • Customized 1:1 Consulting: No cookie-cutter plans here. We tailor every strategy to fit like your favorite pair of jeans—comfortable yet downright stunning.
  • Implementation-Driven Coaching: Think of me as your business lifeguard, ready to jump in and save you from the riptide of endless tasks.
  • Community and Accountability: You’ll join forces with fellow go-getters who are all about turning high tides into high times.

Ready to trade chaos for clarity?

Let’s chat! Click here to book a call and discover how you can grow your business without growing your to-do list.


Kelly Roach

PS: Who said scaling has to be scary? Let’s make it as fun as Friday night out—exciting, rewarding, and yes, something to look forward to!

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